Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kit Carlisle's "funny car" T-bucket

Kit Carlisle of San Antonio, Texas built what I believe is one of the most distinctive T-buckets ever. It was featured in Hot Rod magazine in 1965 and serves as the primary model for my build. Sure, the wheelbase is wickedly short and the rake is extreme. But who can argue with that profile!
Some T-buckets feature a shortened pickup bed (i.e., Grabowski's) and some feature a turtle deck. Still others feature just the "bucket", but they typically have a fuel tank and spring perch hanging behind the body. Kit's T-bucket seems to have been built around 1963 (at least that's the date of the license plate in HRM photos). In that regard it could be considered a "funny car" precursor, with the rear wheels moved forward under the driver's seat. And just where is the fuel tank? I love the look of this car and will emulate it (along with other nostalgically inspired design elements).
Oh, I picked up all the parts today in a packed 6x12 open U-Haul trailer.


Kit Carlisle said...

Did U get my comments on my old T Bucket?

John M said...

Hi Kit,
If that's you, it's very exciting. I am currently building a T-bucket which is highly inspired by your unique build. I have both the Hot Rod and Hot Rod Annual pics, showing you upgraded to Enderle injection from 3 deuces.

Would be very interested in your posting anything about the car, what went into the construction, whatever happened to it, etc. It is a totally unique rod! I've always guessed you put the fuel tank under the seat. Is that so?
I look forward with interest to your posts. (By the way, really haven't received any other comments since I really set this blog up more as a personal journal. Great you found it). John